Cool Down Muscle Rub

This Cool-Down Muscle Rub is highly recommended as a post-sport muscle rub.

The main functional ingredient is Ozone (also known as activated oxygen) which offers outstanding oxygenating benefits. Ozone has the innate ability to permeate through the epidermis to oxygenate the underlying tissues, thereby dramatically reducing muscle stiffness.


150ml flip-cap tube

For maximum benefits, apply directly after strenuous exertion. Do not cover with a bandage, since irritation can result due to the active nature of ozone. Avoid using on broken skin.

Therapeutic Ingredients

– Ozone (Activated Oxygen)  Oxygenates Tissues
– Marjoram (Leaf) Extract  Muscle Relaxing Effect
– Peppermint (Leaf) Extract  Cooling Effect
– Camphor (Leaf) Extract  Promotes Tissue Healing
– Cedarwood (Stem) Extract  Relaxing Effect

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The Benefits of this Cool Down Muscle Rub
· Cools and calm muscles following strenuous workouts
· Helps prevent injury
· Speeds up post-workout recovery
· Displaces lactic acid
Quality Assurance
· Contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients
· Contain no artificial fragrances or colourants
· Not tested on animals
· Vegan friendly